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Know How Your State Handles Criminal Offenses and Professional Licenses

Posted by on Jul 21, 2017 in Criminal Offense and Professional License | 0 comments

Everybody makes mistakes, but there are mistakes that have more severe consequences compared to others, like when you commit a criminal offense and you have a professional license. You can face the penalties of the offense itself, like fines, probation, and even jail time, and the fact that you have committed an offense can have an effect on your professional license.

According to the website of the Leichter Law Firm, professional license defense can be very complicated. This is because it involves both criminal and administrative issues. But before even thinking about defense, you should first know your state’s laws regarding this issue.

For example, in Texas, licensing authorities can suspend or revoke a license, disqualify a person from getting a license, or deny a person from taking a licensure exam on the following cases:

  • The person has committed an offense that is directly related to the licensed field
  • The person has committed an offense that is not directly related to the licensed field but has committed it within the last five years
  • The offense committed involve capital murder, sexual assault, human trafficking, aggravated kidnapping or robbery, or other serious offenses

The website of the Flaherty Defense Firm mentions that criminal charges can have life-altering consequences, and they couldn’t be more right in the case of those who have professional licenses. In fact, there are instances where the charges themselves, even though they have not been elevated into real convictions, are enough reason for licensing authorities to act, as if “innocent until proven guilty” is not a thing.

As mentioned earlier, this is because the issues involved are not just criminal but also administrative in nature. So, administrative bodies such as licensing authorities may have the tendency to act independently, like when they decide to revoke a license because of their own judgments.

This is why knowing how your state handles criminal charges and convictions and how they may affect professional licenses is important. Not only will this help you in defending your professional license, but also in safeguarding your career and the financial freedom it brings.

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